Do You Have What It Takes?

Are YOU The Next R&B Star?

Are YOU The Next R&B Star?

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Welcome to The Next – an unprecedented R&B talent search contest, masterminded by renowned music producer Herb Middleton, celebrated artist Jacci McGhee, and creative director Christopher Bruce.

Music Producer Herb Middleton has always been frustrated by how music talent is developed and knew there had to be a better way… so he created one with musical artist Jacci McGhee. 

Herb Middleton is the genius behind The Next, a unique new opportunity to find and nurture the next great R&B talent with highly specialized artist focus and development. They want to know if you have what it takes to be The Next R & B star and will give you the advice and encouragement to move forward in your career. 
The key, he said, is for everyone involved to have fun and to become excited about the learning process. “They should come to this with a gift and be willing to be open to a new horizon of talent that they never seen before.”

Herb Middleton

Herb Middleton is a multi-Platinum, Grammy-nominated record producer, revered for his remarkable contributions to the R&B and hip-hop music scene.

With a career spanning decades, he has worked with industry legends such as Biggie, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Al Green, Nas, and SWV. His innovative approach to music production and artist development has made him a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Jacci McGhee

Jacci McGhee is a seasoned R&B artist, known for her captivating voice and dynamic performances. She rose to fame with her hit song ‘Make It Last’ and has toured with renowned bands like Toto.

Jacci’s extensive experience in the music industry, both on stage and behind the scenes, equips her with unique insights and skills in nurturing new talent. Her commitment to genuine artistry and vocal excellence makes her an invaluable mentor in ‘The Next’ contest.

We are looking for vocalists of all ages – individuals, duos, and groups with the talent and right attitude to move forward in the music industry!

We’re excited for you to join ‘The Next’ R&B Star talent search! Once you complete the entrance fee payment, we’ll provide you with all the necessary submission details. This step ensures you’re fully equipped and ready to showcase your talent. We can’t wait to see what you could offer to the world!!