Thank You!

Your entry is now complete, and we can’t begin to express our gratitude and excitement for your participation in ‘The Next’ great muscian search. It’s not just an entry form you’ve submitted; it’s the first chapter of what could be an incredible musical journey.

Herb Middleton, Jacci McGhee, and Christopher Bruce are all set to listen to your music with great enthusiasm and keen ears. Imagine them nodding their heads to your rhythms, getting moved by your melodies. This is your moment – your voice, your talent, reaching the ears of industry legends!

Get ready for an exciting Zoom interview where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your music and aspirations directly with Herb, Jacci, and Chris. This is more than just a conversation; it’s a gateway to invaluable insights and advice from those who’ve shaped the music world.

Stay tuned for more details, and once again, thank you for taking this bold step with us. Your journey in ‘The Next’ music star promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.